Семинар за вештачку интелигенцију, 19. јун 2024.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан онлајн у среду, 19. јуна 2024, са почетком у 19 часова.
Предавач: Ивана Лукнар, Институт за политичке студије, Беогад
The modern world has changed significantly, and is still changing under the influence of new technologies. As Gerd Leonhard notes, science fiction is increasingly becoming science fact. The question arises to what extent is modern society elastic to accept the upcoming changes? Will the effects of these changes be so turbulent and destructive, or will we overcome them like a short storm; depends on us? The effects are dual nature, and whether the challenges or opportunities will prevail depends on us.
Artificial Intelligence has engendered a great deal of excitement and controversy. Our fascination with AI runs deeper than fear. The allure of AI is unquestionable. Worldwide AI debate is based on two issues. First issue is connected with its widespread use in a nowadays world without adequate law frame. It concerns the consequences. Second issue is about AI limitations. With risk and consequence, arises question of substantive AI ethic. Its ethical principles are matter of reflections and speculation. That is why some authors see AI as threat. AI is also leading to a whole new generation of autonomous weapons and countless variants of extremely dangerous cyberattack tactics, including “deep fakes”. This of course does not mean that AI is evil per se, but that humans could rely on AI to realize both virtuous and malicious goals, including building more deadly weapons and breaking security walls.

The enormous potential of AI promises to bring significant changes in current and future society. We need to be aware of all its effects, also its social effects. In a world of rapid development of various technological tools the concept of ethics plays a key role in determining how to avoid undesirable outcomes of technology dissemination. The ethics in artificial intelligence (AI) represents current challenge for policy and technology makers. We need to get ready for global race for AI. Governments worldwide face the question of how to best reap the benefits of AI and at the same time how to minimize the risks. It becomes increasingly difficult to understand the ethical implications of our use of technology. This creates problems both for practitioners and regulators. We should be aware of social challenges that AI has been progressively integrated in our societies and we should be able to discuss them.

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